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Nugent House School is a special school for boys aged 7-19 years with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD).
Some of our pupils have additional learning difficulties, mental health difficulties and other special educational needs.

Nugent House School offers: Day placements, 38 week residential placements, 52 week children's home provision.


Volunteering at Willowbrook Hospice. Michail Parker and Ben Warke participated in a one day volunteering experience, working really hard to help organise clothing, toys and books that will go for sale to benefit the Hospice or be sent to other countries for underprivileged people to benefit from. The boys were supervised by Mr Davey, Mr Whitfield and Mrs Hawkes. Michail and Ben get cracking opening and sorting bags ofgoods. 

News items from Nugent House School

March 2014

Volunteering at Willowbank Hopsice

Our Mission Statement:
"To provide a high quality integrated education, care and therapeutic environment where young people with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties are enabled to achieve their full potential."