Courage Corner is Nugent House School’s beacon of hope in these uncertain times. The project was created at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic by students and staff alike. It has pulled everyone together and cementing the working relationship as one big family with a common goal to improve our school environment and built on our seven school values.

The school’s ambition is that every student plants a handful of daffodil bulbs into Courage Corner and in the Spring these bulbs will burst into flower.

Students and staff have worked together both in lessons and in form time to plant these bulbs. They have learnt not only what a daffodil is and how it grows, but how the changing seasons affect our natural environment, discovering other creatures in the soil. They have also learnt how to handle garden tools safely and how to follow a process to achieve their end goal whilst working together and showing respect and support for each other along the way.

The daffodil bulbs represent a bright future, which every person in this school has had a part in creating. The saying “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” has never been more true!