Nugent House School has made the following changes to their reopening in response to Government guidance and vital information from the Department of Education regarding the latest national lockdown measures.

All changes are imperative to ensure that we continue to keep the school safe.

Phased Return of Bubble Groups

Students will now all be part of a phased return, remaining in their bubble groups as they come back to our Billinge site:

  • Primary students will return on Tuesday 5th January
  • Ashton Students will return on Wednesday 6th January
  • Nugent Students (prior in Gerrard House) will return on Thursday 7th January
  • VI form plus students will work remotely until Friday 8th January and then have individual plans in place

Learning Structure for Bubble Groups

Nugent House School will be following the below learning structure to ensure that all students will still be able to access their full educational provision.

  • A dynamic timetable review has taken place to ensure equity. This will ensure all staff and students are clear on assigned learning activities and other duties, including lunch arrangements.
  • Our focus remains on our 6Ps, supported by our rewards system.
  • Our usual Nugent House School standards and expectations for our students and ourselves remain in place in all bubbles.
  • Each student will be assigned a folder that will be the responsibility of a designated member of staff. This member of staff will complete a daily return sheet and ensure that one piece of learning evidence is filed alongside each daily return.

Covid Mass Testing

On their first day back in school, we would like all students to participate in the COVID mass testing programme. This involves a quick mini test that we will help students administer here in school and that gives an instant result. If your child tests positive this may mean that they are carrying the COVID virus without any symptoms and could be passing it on. A positive result means we will contact you immediately as your child will need to return home, and will need to take a PCR test via their GP or a testing centre. This PCR test will confirm whether or not they are carrying the virus, and if they need to self-isolate or can return to school.

The main benefit of using the quick mini tests in school is that it removes the need to send large groups of students and staff home for extended periods of self isolation if a positive test occurs within our school community. It allows us to monitor keep everyone safe much more easily and means school will remain open, students can continue to learn and we can continue to support them.

The mass testing programme does require parent’s consent and letters have been posted to all parents with the relevant form enclosed to be read and returned.

If you have any questions about the testing, please contact Sarah Gregory, Head Teacher of Nugent House School.