At Nugent House School we provide a holistic and flexible approach to education by preparing pupils for all the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

We have a team of dedicated staff who work within an ethos of adaptable care, education and therapy providing a team around the child approach.

Through this supportive environment, children can begin to develop self-respect and self-confidence.

Curriculum subjects offered include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities: Geography and History
  • RE
  • PSHE
  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama
  • PE
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Design Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Health and Social Care
  • IT
  • Child Development

ASDAN is also offered, along with Entry Level Certificates and a range of external accreditation including GCSE.

We work in partnership with local colleges to extend the curriculum into vocational subjects.

Click here to download Nugent House School’s Curriculum Statement Offer.


At Nugent House School, we are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving world beyond the classroom. Our commitment to preparing our pupils for adulthood and the world of work underpins every aspect of our educational approach.

We understand the importance of providing our students with a holistic education that prepares them not only for successful careers but also for fulfilling lives as responsible, confident, and engaged individuals.

We recognise that every student is unique, with their own passions, interests, and aspirations. Our aim is to empower them to discover their individual strengths and interests, and to help them develop the necessary skills to pursue their dreams. Whether students are interested in pursuing higher education, vocational training, entrepreneurship, or any other path, we are here to guide them every step of the way.

Below you will find information and resources about the different offers we are able to provide for our students.

Click here to view our Careers and Implementation Plan.

Information for Pupils

In the below document, we have compiled a list of resources that ensure that you are well-equipped for the future and have the information you need to make realistic and informed decisions about further education, training, and employment.

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Information for Parents and Carers

In the document below you will be able to see what options your child has once they leave Nugent House School. The document includes different pathways depending on their ability, independence and support needs.

Click here to view Information for Parents and Carers.

Information for Employers

At Nugent House School we rely on the help of businesses and organisations to develop and prepare our pupils for the world of work. We need your help to raise their career aspirations, develop their employability skills and learn more about the exciting industries in St Helens and the Liverpool City Region.

Take a look at the below document to see ways you could get involved.

Click here to view Information for Employers.

Brighter Futures

The Brighter Futures project supports children and young people who are care experienced, or who have faced challenges with mainstream education. The project supports young people aged 14-19 who are looked after or have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

The project aims to address these inequalities by proactively engaging with these children and young people providing them with direction and opportunities to progress. To help us achieve these aims, the Brighter Futures project offers two distinct pathways: mentorship and work experience.

To learn more about the project, please visit: Brighter Futures

Additional Support

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The Learning Foundry: Career Fest