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Fee structure and what’s included

At Nugent House School each young person’s needs are taken into account in the development of the appropriate level of person-centred, quality driven and outcome focussed care and learning. Therefore, each package is subject to personalisation depending on individual circumstances.

Nugent House Care homes comply with the Children’s Home’s Regulations 2015 and the National Minimum Standards for Children’s Homes 2002, providing 24 hours a day staffing and support for the children and young people placed with their education, health, cultural, social and independent living needs. Our education facilities comply with relevant standards included in the Education Independent School Standards (England) Regulations 2014.

Our fee structure:

R1 – Low Mainstream

R2 – Medium Specialist and High Specialist

Advanced Specialist

Health costs – what’s included?

Nugent House School adopts a child centred approach in meeting the needs of the young people in our care. The therapeutic model is developed across the education and social care environment with additional specific therapeutic provision, based on detailed assessments. We strive to establish achievable goals, before delivering evidence based interventions which are outcome orientated. The specific intervention is individualised and can include:

Assessment including psychological formulation, psychiatric diagnostic assessments and enhanced risk assessments.

Treatment and intervention can be provided by a range of professionals including; counsellors, speech and language therapy, social and therapeutic horticulturists, art and music therapists as well as psychologists and psychiatrists.

A range of evidenced based modalities are therefore available.

We are able to deal with a range of mental health problems including mental health disorders. We specialise in complex cases where there are multiple problems including comorbidity. This includes young people who have been abused or have a history of abusing others.

Education costs – what’s included?

Also included in Care and Education fees (but not limited to);

Tel:  0151 261 2000

Email: referrals@nugentcare.org

more information about Nugent please go to wearenugent.org

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