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Adverse Weather Action Plan

Where adverse conditions arrive without notice and conditions pass quickly there is often little time to respond.  However, where the hazardous weather can be anticipated and conditions remain we have a legal duty to ensure the school remains safe and that we have done all that is reasonably practical to avoid any damage and prevent any accident or injury.

In completing this contingency plan the following topics have been taken into consideration: –

Workplace Temperatures

There are no legal requirements for temperatures in most areas of work.  The only requirement is to ensure reasonable temperatures are maintained.  However, the usual guidelines are at about 16°C but could be as low as 13°C where physical effort is involved.


Weather conditions can affect staff travelling to and from work, cause transport delays, traffic accidents etc.  One of the day boy houses (Segal) will be set aside for staff to sleep over and more could be made available if the need arises.  We may have to introduce flexible working hours, allowing extra time for travel.  A list will be compiled of staff who live locally and are prepared to work in emergency situations.


Flooding may mean members of staff need emergency time off to deal with damage and insurance issues.


Adverse weather is the biggest cause of supply chain disruption in the UK.  Nugent House Plan B is a comprehensive stock of food to last a number of days even if the freezers went down.  Many of our suppliers are local and have in the past delivered fresh produce e.g. milk, bread, eggs, fruit, cheese by tractor.  The chef and some of her staff live within walking distance.  Part of the overseeing team have remote access to e-mails i.e. the Principal, the two deputies, finance office, Health & Safety and Site Management.

Access & Egress

Although we are situated in a semi-rural area the main road system is well maintained by the local authority and rarely are the roads closed.

In addition a number of the side roads are kept clear by local farmers.  In the school itself we keep a stock of rock salt for the walkways and we have an arrangement with a local firm (S.M.R.) to grit the roadway throughout the school during the night when it is going to fall below freezing.  Furthermore if blizzard conditions prevail we have an arrangement with a local farmer (Valentines) to plough the roadways.

Driving in Bad Weather & Low Visibility

Driving in these conditions requires careful consideration to ensure employee, client and public safety.  The Department of Environment’s advice is not to drive unless the journey is absolutely necessary.

The Principal of the school will make decisions to send home day pupils or close the school to day pupils where transport is an issue.

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