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Behaviour and Bullying

School Discipline and Behaviour

Nugent House School expects the highest possible standards of behaviour, however, this policy does take into account the often acute nature of the emotional and behavioural difficulties exhibited by the children prior to their admission.

Factors such as the nature and quality of the school environment, interaction with pupils and staff, daily structures and levels of responsibility all play a crucial role in the development of an atmosphere which is ordered, supportive, stable and secure.

Whilst at Nugent House School, pupils will require a high degree of protection, guidance, support and supervision; the school is obliged to encourage an increasing degree of self-control and self-discipline within each pupil.

The school operates a reward system for modifying behaviour in which every pupil participates.  This system enables staff to monitor behaviour, to focus attention towards particular aspects of a pupil’s behaviour and to provide the individual with the opportunity to modify their own behaviour, by providing approval and encouragement for positive performance.

Nugent House School will apply a range of supportive intervention strategies for individual pupils who present management issues.

The application of any action is undertaken in a professional and thoughtful manner and takes account of the individual child’s difficulties and abilities as well as their specific needs.  These measures also take account of the safety and security of the children.

All consequences are recorded appropriately and this record is available for inspection by parents / carers, user Authorities, visiting Governors, St Helens Childrens Services and Ofsted.

A full list of approved sanctions / consequences is available on request.

Exam results and complaint reports are sent to parent/carers annually.

In very exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to impose a fixed term or permanent exclusion.  In most cases exclusion will be the last resort after a range of measures have been tried to improve the pupil s behaviour.

Copies of all policies including promoting good behaviour, safeguarding, curriculum, summary of complaints, bullying and Health & Safety are available.

Parents may also request from the school a list of academic performance information and a staff list with a summary of qualifications is available at the school.

Our Behaviour Policy is available to download on the left.

What is Bullying?

Bullying means different things to different people.  A broad definition is that:

“Bullying is anything a person does deliberately, to cause someone else to feel pain and/or unhappiness.”

Some incidents of bullying may be so serious that they should trigger child protection actions.  This would apply where a child or young person is at risk of suffering – or has suffered – significant harm as a result of bullying.  Any incident that raises child protection concerns must be reported to staff responsible for initiating appropriate action.

Nugent House School recognises three main types of bullying:

Examples of bullying might include:

Our Anti Bullying Policy is available to download on the left.

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