I am very proud to be the Interim Headteacher and to have the privilege of leading our unique school community.

We are committed to enabling our students to overcome their barriers; our exceptional staff work tirelessly with every individual, their families and carers to ensure a personalised education experience All students have their own bespoke programme designed to engage, inspire and encourage whilst also providing therapeutic, pastoral and holistic support. These programmes mean all our students gain not only skills for life, but also recognised academic and vocational qualifications that support their next steps.

Our ‘IACCORD’ values are at the heart of what we do and how we build relationships and learning habits:

Integrity: we are honest in what we say and do
Ambition: we have high hope for the future
Courage: we stand up for what we know is right
Compassion: we are kind and support each other
Optimism: we believe we can
Respect: we accept one another and look after all we share
Dignity: we value ourselves and each other

Nugent House School is a safe, positive and student-centred environment where we learn and grow together. Please do contact the school if you would like to arrange a visit; we will make time to show you around our extensive site, outline our specialised equipment and even introduce you to our menagerie of therapeutic animals!

Andy Howard
Interim Headteacher